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Editor: Mimi Lozano
Somos Primos monthly issues published January 2000 to December 2019
and information added during 2020
Updated  12/19/2020 12:21 PM


Alberto Chapa (Sanchez-Navarro) and Petra (Farias Perez) de Chapa 
Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, circa 1915

"Para un hombre, su palabra es todo."

 Counsel given to me by my grandfather, el Profesor Alberto Chapa Sanchez,
former Superintendent of Schools, Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, July 1952 in Stockton, California  . . . Mimi


A strong family is the foundation of a strong nation, 
and a strong nation is a law-abiding nation, 
with maximum freedom and safety for its citizens.  

~ Mimi Lozano 

Welcome to Somos Primos? a publication dedicated to past and present articles, events and information concerning Hispanic heritage issues. Somos Primos is an all volunteer effort.  There is no cost for accessing issues.  
The editorial focus of Somos Primos is to connect present day situations to its historical foundation. The goal is to awaken all those with a heritage connection, a link to Spain/Hispania, to the fact, that we are walking, following in the footsteps of our ancestors. Whether that path is clear to our vision or not, we are in the midst of that road. 

It is imperative that we grasp the unique and individual part in world history, and especially United States history, that our grand-parents played. The contributions of our ancestors are important to understand the many social issues of today.

Whether the umbrella title is Hispanic or Latino, the problem is one of a confused and distorted image. Who are we? The identity problem is based on many historical occurrences, political and social factors which are currently being explored, on many levels.

Somos Primos originated in 1986 with a different name.  It was first as a flyer posting upcoming meetings for a Hispanic Research Study group in Orange County, California. The study group grew into a non-profit, and the flyer developed into Somos Primos, a quarterly for the now named Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research, SHHAR, 
a 28- page hard copy published from 1990 to 1999. www.SHHAR.net  is distributing a CD of those ten years.  
January 2000, the first issue of  the monthly wap.fkcf666.com was posted online. As increasing amount of information was shared by individuals and groups, the online issues grew to a journal length monthly.  

Somos Primos online exposure resulted in many and increasing national [project for promoting Spanish language heritage and history. In 2004, Somos Primos was invited to assist in organizing the first conference on Hispanic heritage ever held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. "Hispanics and the Formation of the American People"  During 2005 we were involved with and facilitated six heritage events.  For more information, please go to:  NARA

In 2012 the National Council of La Raza invited Somos Primos to participate in their National Conference, held in Las Vegas. We were invited again in 2013,  held in New Orleans, a very historic city.  Read More

The goal of Somos Primos has been to encourage family history research, with the mission of strengthening families by compiling correct heritage information.   

strengthening the individual's self identity and heritage,  with a bridge to the past, and a connection to the present. 


  The articles provide a historical foundation 
to view the presence and dispersion of humanity, globally. 

Tributes to Somos Primos

Comments on the value of family history research.


January 2000 - December 2019 
links to each and every monthly issue 
Tables of Contents Tables of Contents for EACH of the 240 Issues >in process Indexes for 2000 and 2001 Somos Primos Issue   Tables of Contents Issues     (2002 and 2005)     (2006 and later)

Final 2020 Notification Letter
Current quick News which touches on Hispanic Heritage and History
        Longer articles and trends will be included under the 20th Century 
United States:  Current news items in the United States as related to history and heritage.
: World-wide happenings which affect families.   
In August, information on the US and International were combined under
New Books on Hispanic Heritage and History: non-fiction, education, culture, memoirs 
Honoring Our Leaders: Current and Past 
Education: Heritage projects, successful Latinos.
Religion: Social, Civic, governmental changes in freedom of speech and  religion. 

HISTORY  OVER CENTURIES New Archeological Discoveries and relevant History 

ONLINE RESOURCES,  Some only found in wap.fkcf666.com.  
Special Interest Resources
Genealogy Learning Links
Genealogy Research Links
Research links by Country

CLASSROOM MATERIALS, All may be downloaded for Free
First European Thanksgiving, April 30, 1598  Play
Spanish Presence in the Americas' Roots 
Dramatization of the 1849 Debates which resulted in the 1849 California Constitution     
Black-Latino Connection, historical interactions between Africans and Latinos
www.wap.fkcf666.com/blacklatino/bl.htm   Booklet
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, classroom materials


  January 2000 through December 2019     



January 2000 through December 2019
Somos Primos:   Search through All 240 monthly published issues 

To access each  issue, click on the year below, then click on the desired month.  
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           Over the twenty years, the monthly issues evolved, and included these categories:

United States 
Spanish Roots
Heritage Project
Historical Tidbits
Hispanic Leaders
Latino America Patriots
Early Latino Patriots

Family History
Books and Print Media
Films, TV, Radio, Internet
Orange County, CA
Los Angeles County, CA
Northwestern US
Southwestern US

Middle America
East Coast
Caribbean Region
South America
Pan-Pacific Rim
Spain International 

My goal was to take those of us with Spanish surnames in the United States back Spain and Southern Europe, to the origination of the surnames we were carrying.  I wanted to show us all over the world, and in every time period.  I wanted to show how our roots were entrenched in the history of the world, and had shaped the establishment, growth and development of the United States.  I wanted to show that we had every reason to be proud of our roots, our heritage, and our Spanish surnames.  I wanted to show that we were of mixed racial heritage, with Indigenous, African, Asian, Anglo and Middle-East blood.   

We are Primos with the whole world.  

I was hopeful that this knowledge embedded within our hearts would make us grateful to be Latino Americans, and create in us a bold patriotic stand.  Our ancestors, and we now, are part of the great political experiment, of freedom and justice for all.  Let us use our energies as did our ancestors to maintain the freedom . . .  based on equal treatment under the law to help.   Through wars and turmoil, we reached the highest level of freedom, equality and social order in recorded history. Let us unify to uphold our treasure, the United States of America. 

 Letters to the Editor
Tributes to Mimi and the wonderful friends and primos who contributed to Somos Primos over the years:



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